Saturday, February 14, 2009

Le Meridien

As promised, my review of the Le Meridien KL Sentral. Firstly, a disclaimer: this ain't an official review, just our personal opinion.

Relatively easy and hassle-free, you can either surf the meridien's website or call the toll-free line. We opted for the latter, and found the sales consultant friendly and helpful. Top marks there. If you're a first-timer, you will be offered the Starwood Preferred Guest membership for free, where you earn points for your stay at their chain of hotels.

Friendly, courteous and classy, the hotel's sales consultant scores high for the Meridien. 8/10.

Check-in and Front Desk
We arrived at 1.30 p.m. but our room was ready. Either they were too efficient or under-occupied, we never knew and frankly, did not care. Unlike some other top-rated hotels, upon which failing to prepare our rooms on time, would offer a million excuses like:"uh, we over-booked, sir" or "our previous occupants overstayed" or "our housekeepers are all dead etc, etc."

So a smooth check-in and a room ready on time earned Meridien top marks again. 8/10

Booking a Premier Room on the 22nd level, we were disappointed in its size. Sekangkang kera. Supposedly a level higher than their standard room, but it was definitely not reflected in its size. The decor was simple, maybe zen minimalist or just plain kedekutalist. My wife complained about the non-existence of slippers in the room, hey, a cheaper hotel even had TWO pairs.

There was a 42-inch LCD tv which was okay (umah den pun ado).

The bathroom was magnificent anyway, large and cosy, it offered the view of the KL skyline from its window by the bath-tub (not for the faint-hearted). The bath-tub was big enough to fit in our two kids for their mandi-manda sessions.

Size matters, so the hotel misses the mark here. It does make it up with the bath, but not enough. 5/10

Since it was included in the room rate, we wouldn't miss it now, would we? Expecting a grand spread befitting a five-star hotel, we were again found wanting. The choice was limited and the taste was a hit-and-miss affair (especially for orang suka makan like us). Only the egg station was a saving grace. Totally avoid the noodle + soup section. Tasteless. Anak aku pun tak nak makan. Underwhelming and average.

The cafe is called Latest Recipe, they should call it Ye Olde Recipe. 4/10.

We didn't try room service or the hotel's famous Al-Nafourah and Prime Steak Restaurants. But with the wagyu steak going for RM400 a piece, we'd say oh, errr.. thanks, but no thanks.

You can choose to use the express check-out facility, where the bill is delivered to your room in the morning. Again hassle-free and convenient. 7/10.

Le Meridien do exude class and glamour but perhaps just falling short in our expectations of their room. Nevertheless, the hotel would be a good spot for a family outing due to the location but maybe you could also check-out their next door neighbour, Hilton.

Date of stay : Feb 2009


Wednesday, February 4, 2009


This was our second visit to the Bubba Gump Shrimp Restaurant located at The Curve. I'm not actually a shrimp buff myself, so during our maiden visit there, I opted for a salmon dish and it was a disaster. My wife had better luck though, she went for the shrimps and they were served in a bucketful.

So for our return trip to this all-American diner, I vowed to try the shrimps, but as I looked at the menu my eyes wandered to the magic word - hamburger. Now, before you say anything, hamburger never have ham or pork in it, even if you are in the States, it is still beef. Bubba Gump's hamburger promises to be a classic, charbroiled, good ol' American burger and thus it did not disappoint. Large and juicy, the burger will satisfy your craving and its charbroiled aroma will grab your senses rightaway.

My wife went for the crustaceans again, and this time she ordered the Shrimp New Orleans, an "authenthic spicy recipe from our staff in the French Quarter featuring lots of shrimp sauteed in butter, garlic, and spices with jasmine rice." I've never been to New Orleans, but this dish will knock you out. Lip-smacking juicy and sinfully rich in taste, you will be asking for more of this large-sized shrimps. Do not worry though, Bubba's portion can be considered big for the Malaysian palate (or waistline, in my case).

My mother-in-law had the cheekily named "I'm stuffed!" shrimp which was largeshrimp stuffed with crab, baked in garlic butter and topped with Monterey Jack Cheese. Served with Jasmine Rice. This was also a knockout, even a non-shrimp man like me was converted to a shrimp lover in the end. It wasn't just the shrimps, but the way they drip in butter and cheese, rolling in the gravy, will entice you to grab one and put it in your mouth.. Just superb.

My nephew had the kid's fish and chips menu, and it was served in a paper boat which you can take home. It was a nice touch and the so-called kid's portion was large enough to feed an adult.
We would definitely recommend you to try the many varieties of shrimp dishes at Bubba, you won't be disappointed. Ignore the salmon but the burger's all right. Great taste in a great atmosphere and served by a friendly staff, Bubba Gump has the all hallmarks of a real American diner.