Sunday, January 31, 2010

SoHo at Selaman

SoHo, Selaman Industrial Park, Bandar Baru Bangi.

Upon entering Bandar Baru Bangi, from the Bangi exit via the KL-Seremban highway, you will be greeted by a line of big and bright restaurants along the Selaman Road. One such outlet is SoHo, situated after the Esso gas station and beside Rimba Klasik. We always go down this road, and always observe SoHo being quite crowded - maybe the food was really good, or the crowd was made up of travellers taking advantage of its location.
Anyway, we have been to the flagship SoHo in Sungai Merab - but the service there was slow and the waiters/waitresses not very responsive.

Alas, we finally made it to SoHo at Selaman, and the first thing that caught our attention was its cluttered-ness. Meja dan kerusi agak usang dan simple, ditambah pula dengan susunan yang agak huru-hara, tidak menjamin suasana yang boleh mencetuskan selera. You can choose to dine el-fresco and the setting here is much more organized.

I had the Nasi Goreng SoHo (should be the specialty lah) but it was so, so disappointing. The rice tasted of perencah maggi, was it supposed to have that flavour? Yes, I can recommend this dish to you - but I recommend you NOT to try it, ever. My wife had the tauhu bakar, and it was alright. Maybe it was out-sourced, because it was prepared at one of the mini-stalls in the premises instead of inside the main kitchen.


Ambience: Practically non-existent. The only saving grace is the restaurant's bright lights. Decor is also old and rusty. The toilets were dirty too.

Service: Slow and non-friendly.

Food: Maybe you should try the menu from the little stalls in the premises - tauhu bakar (recommended), sate minang (not fond of it, by the way) and western. Avoid nasi goreng.

Coming back?: Not ever. We don't generally give a bad review, but this particular branch of SoHo deserves an average rating. Don't let the huge crowd fool you, they might just be as disappointed as you are.
However, do take advantage of the car-wash located, also located in the premises. Have your automobile washed if you decide to eat there, or just take advantage of its late closing hours. So you wash your car in the coolness of the night.
Also commendable is the availability of a surau in SoHo, and a mini-mart to buy your basic needs.

Disclaimer: We are not paid to do this review, which is based on our personal taste and opinion. We do not intend to glorify or disgrace anyone.