Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Boston's Steamboat

My mother treated us to the Boston World - Steamboat Restaurant at AEON Bukit Tinggi, and this was awhile back, so this review is a little delayed. As its name suggests, this outlet specializes in Steamboat, and the menu is quite extensive. As you often do in a Steamboat outlet like this, you always go for a set, or a packaged menu as they offer value for money.

But first up, Mummy had the Blue Curacao drink - of course this one is non-alcoholic version lah. This drink gets its name from the island (Curracao), as the drink is made from dried orange peels which were grown on the island. So the drink was a bit soury, tinged with ice-cream soda and a peel of lime - great.

We settled on the set for two - where everything on tray comes in pairs. Prawns, fishcakes, fishballs, noodles, etc - we greatly recommend this - the portion was just right. There were four of us adults and we ordered two sets of this, plus extra rice noodles - tak habis makan!
Boston's Steamboat comes with their own specialty sambal and sesame oil in soy sauce which complements the taste of your steamboiled condiments. The key to enjoying a steamboat meal is how long you dip your condiments into the soup, though we are no experts ourselves, we can definitely tell you to not soak your noodles for too long. Just select a few fishballs, vegetables and dip them for 3 minutes, then eat, enjoy, then repeat process.

Although Boston falls a little short of our favourite Steamboat hangout (Johnny's), they do have a good sambal and soy sauce, and the interior of the outlet was presentable. And the Curacao was good too.